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What is a WebGIS?

WebGIS, a combination of World Wide Web (WWW) and geographical information systems (GIS), is a paradigm for how people everywhere access and use geographic information. Its functionality is made available through a regular web browser and an integrated viewer with a user-friendly GIS interface. It is therefore intended for a broad audience, including public users who may know nothing about GIS as defined by its simple, intuitive and convenient design which makes it typically very easy to use.

In Seychelles, the WebGIS was launched in November 2013 during the celebration of World GIS Day. The service is open to the public and provides information under the following themes/topics:

Key features

In-built tools in the WebGIS such as the ‘Zoom-in/out’, ‘Pan’, ‘Identify’ and ‘Measure’ tools allow users to interact with the map interface. Additionally, customised tools are provided which enable users to do the following:

  1. Search for  Land Parcels and Beacons in the custom-built search engine
  2. Save map images to PDF or GeoTIFF
  3. Find best path (shortest path to a location)
  4. View parcels with approved planning applications
  5. Add coordinates (Display a location or find a location through coordinates)

The WebGIS does not require users to sign-up and has no hidden fees. It is absolutely FREE!

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